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The office party season will be in full flow soon so here are 10 Cheap Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Office.

Office Secret Santa Gifts are best served funny and unique. As they are handed out and unwrapped in front of everyone you can feel the excitement rise. Try to out-do everyone else at the office and make yours the most hilarious office Secret Santa Gift of all. The products below were all priced below £10 at the time of writing this post so there is no need to break the bank to get a decent novelty gift.

10 Office Secret Santa Gift Ideas

In no particular order….

1. WTF Button

What better to have on your desk than a WTF button. When that annoying runner or the office geek comes out with some random crap you can give a hilarious response by hitting the button. It has 10 different ‘zingers’ to choose from with different characters and accents to select. An unusual Secret Santa Gift for the office desk.

Secret Santa Gift WTF Button

2. The Wine Yoke

This makes a cool Secret Santa Gift for Women in the office, especially if you are having drinks and nibbles when the gifts are dished out. The lucky lady will never have to place her glass down while tucking into the sausage rolls and Quiche! Her hands are free to eat, shake hands and clap along to the music. Features a lanyard style harness to hang around the neck and place the wine glass in. Added bonus! Never have your drink ‘mine swept’ or ‘spiked’ ever again!

Secret Santa Gift Wine Yoke

3. Elephant Poo in a Box

Taken from UK Zoos and treated to remove germs and odours, this makes one very unique Secret Santa Gift for the office. Ideal for someone who likes to have a plant on their desk as it comes with seeds to grow a wonderful sunflower. Simply water the dung and watch the flower grow. A practical gift but funny at first sight.

Secret Santa Gift Elephant Poo

4. Beer Pong Game Kit

Another handy Secret Santa Gift if your holding your office party in the workplace. Whoever gets this can clear a table and get playing straight away. Contains everything you need to start a game except the alcohol (and a table), so really it’s just 12 cups and a Ping Pong ball but hey, a cool Secret Santa Gift none the less. Simply bounce the ball into the cups and if it lands in they have to drink it.

Secret Santa Gift Beer Pong

5. Boyfriend Body and Arm Pillow

Here we have another funny Secret Santa Gift for women, or should I say single women. If there are plenty of single women in your office environment who are always complaining about never being able to find Mr Right then cheer them up with this gift. They will feel all cosy in bed cuddled up to a pretend boyfriend for the night!

Secret Santa Gift  Boyfriend Pillow

All these products are available here, just open the link and do a quick search.


6. Dried Zombie Skin

This is a Novelty Secret Santa Gift for the guy who likes watching the ‘Walking Dead’ or anything to do with Zombies. 11 grams of preserved and dried Zombie Skin. After years of death and decomposition this is bound to satisfy any hunger. Crunchy and salty this skin is vegan, all natural and gluten-free! Don’t worry, this is safe for human consumption, after all it’s just tasty dried, crispy seaweed.

Secret Santa Gift Zombie Skin

7. Worlds Easiest Diet Kit

Do you know someone who is always on a diet? If so then this could make and ideal Secret Santa Gift for them. It features a spoon with a hole in it so you cannot collect much food and a fork with shortened prongs. We all know that the most popular New Years resolution is to lose weight so this gift will assist your office co-worker in their goal.

Secret Santa Gift Diet Kit

8. How to Poo at Work Book

An essential guide for any office worker. This book will assist you in everything toilet and poo related whilst at work. It offers practical advice on everyday situations you can find yourself in whilst trying to relieve yourself. Topics include running out of paper or the flush being broken and your colleague following you in!

Secret Santa Gift Book

9. Biscuit Pocket Mug

There is usually lots of tea and coffee drinking going on in the office so treat someone with this awesome Biscuit Pocket Mug. It has a handy little pocket on the side to store your biscuit whilst carrying your brew from the kitchen to your desk.

Secret Santa Gift Biscuit Mug

10. Nothing

What could be more unique than the gift of nothing. Your co-worker will be astonished when they open it and nothing happens! Nothing is much better than getting something. Nothing will enthrall for hours on end and totally relieve your stress. Nothing is the perfect office Secret Santa Gift for the person who has everything.

Secret Santa Gift of Nothing

Buying these Novelty Secret Santa Gift Ideas?

To buy any of the featured products in this post simply do a quick search in the box below and follow the normal buying process to get these from the most trusted online retailer on the internet.

So there you go, a Secret Santa Gift list of 10 cheap and unique products that are guaranteed to get a laugh. Hopefully you have found some inspiration to make your Secret Santa Gift the best under the office Christmas tree.

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