Anti Snoring Boxing Glove

This anti snoring boxing club is a perfect novelty gift for any long sufferer of disturbed sleep due to their partners snoring. If that friendly nudge in the ribs doesn’t get him to stop snoring then the anti snoring boxing glove is the answer.

Anti Snoring Boxing Glove

Have it handy and within reach when you go to bed. As soon as the rumble starts you can grab the anti snoring boxing glove and start jabbing it to the head and face!

Anti Snoring Boxing Glove Features

Wooden handle with padded plastic fist.
34cm long.
A big boxing glove on the end of a stick!
A great novelty item for the sleepless partner!
Perfect to give as a novelty gift for any occasion, especially Christmas and Birthdays. Snorers of all ages will appreciate this gift and get plenty of laughs. The anti snoring boxing glove can also be given to women too!

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