Funny Women's Mug

Funny Women’s Mug for sale. We all know that what women say and what women mean are generally two entirely different things and this mug goes a long way to actually spell that out for us men.

Funny Women's Mug

Have a laugh at the quotes on the side and you will be able to relate them to your own experiences with the women in your life. Designed with good humour at the forefront, these funny women’s mugs will surely get a laugh out of your lady. Ideal to give as an accompanying gift at Birthdays and Christmas. Would also make a fun gift for the office desk or a colleague that is always moaning that her boyfriend just doesn’t understand her. Contrary to popular belief, us men do listen and this mug will help us understand your real signals.

Funny Women’s Mug Features

High Quality Drinking Mug, White in Colour with multi- coloured writing.

The Durable Mug is Supplied In A Gift Box

Includes some funny quotes on the side to truly understand what our Women really mean:

“Nothing, Forget it” – You better figure out what you did wrong!

“Are You Tired?” – Please don’t go to sleep, I love talking to you!

“I’m Okay” – Hold me tight, I need a shoulder to cry on!

“I’m Cold” – Get a blanket and cuddle with me!

“Leave me Alone” – Please don’t go!

“I Love You” – Tell me you do more!

There is a couple of classic lines women use amongst those on the funny women’s mug and we have probably been on the receiving end a few times. The favourite question of “what’s wrong” with the reply “nothing” springs to mind.

This funny women’s mug is available from Amazon and can be ordered via the link below. Check it out for further information.

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