With Halloween just around the corner you may have decided to throw a Party and are looking for Halloween Party Decoration Ideas. To make it go off with a scary bang you need to dress the house up to perfection and get the mood just right! There are many ways to do this of course and you’ll no doubt have a great theme in mind. But what if you could make it that extra bit special and really impress (or frighten) your guests? Here are some essential items to get those Halloween Party Decoration Ideas flowing. Hopefully this will assist you in your planning.


Halloween Party Decoration Ideas – The Equipment List

1. Fog Machines

Fog Machines or Smoke Machines really set the ambiance and add a bit of creepiness to your party. Send shivers down the spines of your guests as they walk through smoke filled rooms with creepy music and weird lighting shows. They turn your house into a proper spooky haunted house. Fog machines for Halloween are the most essential piece of kit you could buy and should be top of your Halloween Party Decoration Ideas list. These days fog machines are really inexpensive and can be picked up for as little as £25/$30. Don’t forget you will need to buy the fluid with it.
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2. Lighting

Halloween Party Decoration IdeasTo complement your fog machine the next item on your Halloween party decoration ideas list has to be some cool effect lighting. Now when it comes to lighting there are 2 types you require. The first is Strobe Lighting. These lights can normally be set to flash between 1-15 times per second and offer professional DJ type lighting but at an affordable price. Most strobe lighting can be set to manually adjust the flash or can be set to sound activated mode, which dances to the beat of your music. The second type of lighting you need is Blacklights. Blacklights are also referred to as ultra violet lights and you will have all seen them in discos or halloween displays before. How do they work? When you switch them on in a dark room all you will see is a dull glow. What you cannot see is the ultra violet rays they are letting off. However anything white such as socks, t-shirts or teeth will glow in the dark. These are especially good for the guy who will come to the party with a skeleton outfit on or for those with white face paint and fangs.
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3. Outdoor Props for Halloween

The garden needs just as much attention as the inside of the house as this is where your guests will arrive and the trick or treaters will gather. There are some unique DIY Halloween Party Decoration Ideas on the internet to keep the cost down. If you don’t have the time to make stuff yourself then here are a few more suggestions.

  • Inflatable Props – These can range from ghosts to pumpkins and the bigger the better. Get light up ones for the full Halloween effect.
  • Motion Detection Stuff – What better way to scare someone when they are walking down your drive than to position a motion detecting prop such as a witch or skeleton that moves, screams and lights up as you walk past. Stick a hidden camera on it too to watch back later for increased fun.
  • Cobwebs – Really cheap but decorates the garden well. Drape them over everything.
  • Pumpkins – Place a few for decoration and then carve your main one with a scary face. There are hundreds of templates on the internet to print off and cut around. Just search google images for ideas, stick a candle in and hey presto! Another idea is to use these Pumpkin Sacks. If you live in an area where your garden gets covered in leaves then fill these pumpkin sacks with the leaves and put on display until halloween. Once halloween is over you can simply throw the sacks in the bin. Halloween props and a leaf free garden, killing 2 birds with 1 stone! More awesome Halloween Party Decoration Ideas.
  • Gravestones – You can get these now for a couple of bucks each. Normally made from plastic or foam but look authentic.
  • Bats and Crows – Not the real type obviously but plastic ones. Bats you can hang from trees or washing lines and position the crows on top of your garden furniture. Make sure there is one right beside your entrance door.
  • And don’t forget you could also use your fog machine and lights outdoors too if you get the correct type. i.e waterproof.

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4. Halloween Fancy Dress

Now that you have the house looking spooky you can concentrate on your outfits. Halloween is the time of the year to go a bit whacky with your costumes and you shouldn’t be shy with the face paints and fake blood. For some with kids attending the party you may feel the need to dress down a little bit so going with a superhero or disney character is also acceptable. I have a feeling the number one outfit for women this year will be Disney’s Maleficent following the success of the movie. Lastly lets not leave the pets out the fun. There are a huge number of doggie halloween costumes available and I have wrote a post about the best ones I have viewed here.  Pet Halloween Costumes.

5. Halloween Food and Treats

The fifth and final item on your Halloween Party Decoration Ideas agenda is food, drink and treats. This is where you can let your imagination run wild. Or google it! From cupcakes you can design ghosts, pumpkins spiders and more. Use candy snakes to decorate your dishes. Cut your sandwiches into gruesome shapes such as fingers, bats or ghosts. The list goes on. If you can get your hands on some dry ice too this makes the table more spooky as the fog runs out the bowls and across the table.

So Happy Halloween everyone. I hope you have gained some Halloween Party Decoration Ideas from this post and enjoy your fright night!