Whilst browsing the web looking for the worst Christmas jumper I could find I came across this beauty! Could this be just the Worst Christmas Jumper ever?

We all know that finding the worst Christmas Jumper is the key to scoring some points over your friends or family. For a whole night you will be the talk of the party and probably the talk of the workplace for a week later. Having the worst Christmas jumper boosts your popularity!

This Tesco value Christmas jumper is brilliant. Whilst everyone else will be sporting reindeer’s, santa’s and snowmen, you my friend will be admired for your simplicity. It will definitely get everyone thinking ‘is he a cheap skate or is he just cool’. Most people have shopped in Tesco’s and are aware of their value range. They will dig this worst Christmas jumper concept you are sporting. No other Christmas jumper will beat yours if the party is having a judging competition on who has come with the most hideous. Probably the only jumper that could compete with it would be an Asda George jumper or an Asda smart price jumper. Relax though, I haven’t come across either of these yet so your Tesco value attire will trump all.

There are a couple of designs in the range, with slightly different logos on the front. They also come in grey or white and as you’d expect, a variety of sizes. They make great novelty gifts too if not buying for yourself.

Worst Christmas Jumper

Not just for Men either. Equally stylish as a ladies worst Christmas jumper. If you just can’t bring yourself to wear one with lights and Christmas stuff then go plain and simple.

Where to Buy the Worst Christmas Jumper Ever?

Don’t be jumping in the car and heading down to Tesco for one of these as you won’t find them. They are produced by different retailers and mainly sold online. Amazon has the full range for sale at probably the cheapest price you will find on the internet. Select the link below and it will take you straight to the search results page for Tesco¬†value jumpers.

My favourite one is the jumper in the middle. I just love the slogan ‘it’s all they had left’ and the way they have spelled TECSO wrong. Enjoy Christmas and if you disagree with my choice then good luck finding your own Worst Christmas Jumper!

Worst Christmas Jumper

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