Jack Daniel's Fudge

Jack Daniel’s Fudge is a thick and creamy fudge with a rich texture and is infused with that age-old Jack Daniel’s blend, enjoyed around the globe. So if you’re a JD drinker or just want some alternative to traditional fudge then this Jack Daniel’s Fudge is ideal.

Jack Daniel's Fudge


The Jack Daniel’s Fudge comes in an attractive tin which is perfect if buying as a gift. Once the fudge is eaten the tin can them be used to store handy stuff in? Inside the tin, each piece of Jack Daniels Fudge is individually wrapped with JB paper to keep it in perfect condition.

Made with just the right amount of Whisky so as not to be overpowering. The Jack Daniel’s Fudge is very more-ish. Once someone has been given this as a present once, they will be asking for it again and again. Especially good if they drink JD too!

The Jack Daniel’s Fudge can be given anytime. Valentines, birthdays or stocking fillers. This novelty fudge will always please.

Jack Daniel’s Fudge Key Features

Made by Gardiner’s of Scotland
Contains 300g of JD Fudge
Packaged in a smart Jack Daniel’s Fudge tin

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