Man Tin

Man Tin! What every red blooded guy must have around the house. This unique man tin gives men the power to store useless stuff around the house without being nagged by females. He can put whatever he wants in his man tin. Screws, super glue, tape, fuses and cables that just one day he might need again. He will put it in his man draw and everyone is happy. If your fed up with this seemingly pointless stuff lying around then get your husband, boyfriend or dad one of these cool tins. Ideal to give on his Birthday but even better on Fathers Day.

Man Tin


Man Tin – Not for Girls

The Man tin makes a perfect gift for him. Hopefully he will use it as intended and not store ‘man biscuits’ in it like wagon wheels or Yorkie bars! or let girls sneak pink items in!

This fun storage tin features old style block printing in black and blue foil finish. The print on this tin is intentionally uneven to add character.

Personalise the Man Tin

If your going to gift this man tin to your favourite bloke then why not spend a few minutes to think about what you could pre-fill it with. Maybe a few miniature alcohol bottles or some electrical tape. A tape measure is a must as us men always like to whip these out to look busy when anyone enters the room. Have a think and you will come up with some awesome ideas for sure.

Size: 75 x 155 x 205mm

Every man needs this. It’s a no brainer, go buy your guy this Man Tin now!

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