Men's Ball Scratcher

The Men’s Ball Scratcher is aimed at men who like the finer things in life. Those that like to be waited on hand and foot. The men who will do anything to make life easier. Why use your own clumsy hobbit fingers when you can delicately stroke and scratch with this magnificent men’s ball scratcher!

Men's Ball Scratcher

This novelty gift also provides greater hygiene for men. No need to dash to the bathroom to wash your hands every time you’ve had a good scratch. No germs will be passed on when shaking hands. All extra bonuses of the men’s ball scratcher. In addition to relieving your itchy balls, it can also be used as a back scratcher which we all know is another difficult place to reach. If your partner is going to borrow the scratcher for her back, it may be wise to tell her to wash it first!!!

Men’s Ball Scratcher Features

The men’s ball scratcher has a handy nine inch handle and a small ladies type hand on the end. The excellent length means you can easily reach your under carriage. Made from quality silverware and is stain resistant.

The men’s ball scratcher also comes in a smart presentation box.

This is designed as a fun gift for men who are hard to please. Opening this will surely give them a laugh and you never know, the men’s ball scratcher may get some rigorous use. Happy Scratching!

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