Messy Bedroom Sign

Messy Bedroom Sign to hang on your messy teenagers room! A fun way to get your point across about the state of the room on the other side of the door. The door sign reads ‘This room is not a mess, it’s Art. Anyone entering the room will then be pre-warned to expect it to look like a hand grenade has gone off! You know the type of room, the ones where you wipe your feet on the way out!

Messy Bedroom Sign

The sign has a hardened textured finish and self adhesive tabs to the back to easily apply to to the door.

The sign is aimed at older kids such as the dreaded teenagers who won’t let you into their room easily.

Messy Bedroom Sign Features

Professionally made with distinct colours.
Easy self adhesive fixing.
Light Weight
Measures 20cm x 10cm
For Messy Rooms
Fun Novelty Bedroom Gift

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