Miracle Snoring Cure

The miracle snoring cure is a fun novelty gift for snorers in the family. Have a laugh as they unwrap it on their Birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day! We are not quite sure if it actually works at all, but the packaging itself is enough for the whole family to have a laugh. So treat the miracle snoring cure as a novelty gift and don’t expect too much in sleeping habits. If nothing else they may at least take the hint and if your buying for yourself then it’s worth a try to stop getting elbowed during the night.

Miracle Snoring Cure

Release the vitalising oils and herbs into your bath and wait for the miracle snoring cure to seep into your body. Once out the bath you will feel relaxed and ready for a night of perfect sleep, without releasing a whimper of noise to annoy your partner.

Another fun stocking filler type gift. This snoring cure is perfect for loud sleepers.

Miracle Snoring Cure Contents

4 Bath Bags containing:

Lemon Balm.

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