A selection of Novelty Christmas Jumpers for Dogs. Your beloved pets are an important part of the family. You buy them pet Christmas stockings and presents such as new squeaky toys, beds and leads. So why not let them join in the fun of the Christmas Jumper wearing tradition and get them one of these little beauty’s.

Novelty Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

First up is the standard traditional type of Christmas Jumpers for Dogs.

The ones in this image all feature Christmas designs and some come with head pieces as shown (if your dog will tolerate them!). They are advertised as:

  • Christmas JumperChristmas Jumpers for Dogs
  • Christmas Tree
  • Santa Baby
  • Workshop Elf
  • Helper Elf

The good point about buying one of these Christmas Jumpers for Dogs is the variety of sizes available at checkout. So not only do you have the choice of 5 different designs but you have 5 different size options.

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

This makes buying Christmas Jumpers for Dogs easier as it becomes a bit of a ‘one stop shop’. You don’t spend hours searching for a cute design only to find it’s totally the wrong size for your dog.

Christmas Jumpers for Dogs with Lights

A fun twist for your Dogs Christmas Jumper is to buy one with some sort of flashing LED lights. Not only does it look cool but it will also let you see them better when they are off the lead in the dark. Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

This one has a star on the top of the Christmas tree which flashes. Just be sure to find the right size for your dog when buying.

View more Christmas Jumpers for Dogs with Lights

Santa Hoodie Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

Next we have a Santa style costume for your pooch. It comes with a black belt around it for added Santa style effect. Velcro fasteners underneath make dressing the dog a breeze and there is a handy hole in it for the dog lead. This also comes in four sizes which can be selected when buying which makes ordering a doddle. Check it out!

Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

The hoodie style gives this Santa Dog Jumper extra appeal and is a great Novelty fancy dress costume for your Dog.

Novelty Christmas Bandana’s for Dogs

Christmas Jumpers for DogsIf you don’t want to go full out on your Dog Christmas fancy dress and buy a Jumper then you could go for a simple Dog Bandana Collar. Less likely to irritate the dog than a body costume but good enough to still give a festive vibe. In true novelty style this one displays a message of ‘Yappy Christmas‘. It features a hoop and loop fastener for ease of attaching to the dog but looks like a real bandana.

There are plenty more Christmas Jumpers for Dogs to choose from here and it all depends on your breed of Dog as to what they can pull off and look good.


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