Novelty Diet Gifts

Novelty Diet GiftsOne of the most popular New Years Resolutions every year is to Diet. After over indulging at Christmas and drinking too much, most people tend to add a pound or two and aim to shake it off with a fad diet. Others may have been overweight for some time and use the New Year to change their lifestyle and image for good. This article is for the fad dieters that yo-yo with their weight, always seem to be on some diet or the other or are just always complaining they need to shed some pounds when actually they are pretty fit and lean.

Poke fun at these people with these novelty diet gifts. Inexpensive and unique, they will bring a smile if taken in the right context of what they are – a fun gift.

Novelty diet gifts are not just restricted to New Years resolutions either. Throughout the whole year people are dieting for one reason or another. Examples as such:

  • Summer holidays to look good in that bikini.
  • Fitting into that perfect party or wedding dress.
  • Training for a sports event such as a marathon.
  • To get fit and healthy.
  • To detox.
  • and the list could go on…

So here are a few examples and the links to buy them;

Worlds Easiest Diet Kit – Number 1 on the Novelty Diet Gifts List

Novelty Diet Gifts

A brilliant idea and top of my novelty diet gifts list. The spoon has a hole in it so you cannot hold much food and certainly no good for soup. The fork has the tips of the prongs cut off and the prongs are also shortened so once again not much food can be shovelled up on it. Comes in a cool little retro box and can be purchased from Amazon by following the link.

World’s Easiest Diet Gift Kit

Novelty Diet Fridge Magnets

Novelty Diet Gifts Fridge Magnet

Handy little quotes to put on your fridge in a magnet. Each time you are tempted to open the fridge door and grab a nibble the quote will give you a little boost to help control that craving and hopefully resist the temptation. The seller of these magnets has hundreds of quotes to choose from.

Novelty Funny Calories Diet Magnet

Novelty Diet Gifts Fine Tin

Novelty Diet Gifts Fine Tin

If the dieter finds it hard to stick with it then this novelty fines tin could be the answer. Hurt them in the pocket by making them pay up every time they are caught being naughty. The money can then be used to buy that little black dress once the target weight is achieved.

Instant Fines Pay Up Tin for Diet Cheating

Novelty Diet Gifts Sign

Novelty Diet Gifts Signs

Once again there are quite a few to choose from but this one is ideal for a gin drinker who is dieting. A cute sign to hang in the home or the toilet where everyone has a little time to read and appreciate it.

Gin + Tonic Diet Metal Sign

Novelty Dieting Mugs

Novelty Diet Gifts Mug

Lastly, a novelty dieting mug always makes a simple and cheap gift. This one has a conversation between two people with the dieter joking they need to eat skinny people! Others include quotes like;

  • A balanced diet is a cake in each hand.
  • I’m on a chocolate diet.
  • Diet starts tomorrow.
  • I’m not fat, I’m a nutritional over achiever.
  • Salad Dodger
  • and plenty others…..
Diet Funny Mug

Now you have an idea of what novelty diet gifts are available we hope you find something unique.

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