Novelty Gifts for Men

Novelty Gifts for Men are the ideal choice for the man who has everything. They are generally humorous, inexpensive and sometimes not much use. But the one thing novelty gifts for men are, FUN!

So what do men actually like as gifts? Contrary to popular belief, lynx gift sets, boxer shorts and socks are a bit boring and quite frankly, we still have last years with the tags on in the back of a drawer ready to recycle to some other unlucky bloke. Good gifts for men include gadgets, unusual gifts, random useless stuff that we can brag about down the pub, beer and bar games stuff, funny books for the toilet and experience day gifts.

That is just a few suggestions and I will elaborate a little further on each in this post.

Over at our UK shop we have hundreds of ideas to give as novelty gifts for men. If you don’t want to read on through our suggestions and ideas on this blog post you can get browsing now by clicking the image below to view all the products on offer.

Novelty Gifts for Men

Gadgets – The number 1 Novelty Gifts for Men Choice

Every man out there loves a gadget and they like to have the latest ones. This can be a simple gadget he will use every day, like the latest phone, tablet or laptop. A new gadget to compliment mobile phones this year is the SmartWatch.

Smartwatches – Are like mini phones for the wrist. They connect via Bluetooth to your phone and sync your calendar, contacts etc. When the SmartWatch recieves a notification such as an SMS or Facebook message it automatically shows up on the watch and gives the wearer a little vibration to notify them. No need to take your phone out your pocket to see who’s calling or texting. Men will love these, they come in a variety of styles of which some are fully digital and some are part digital and analogue, the latter better for business professionals. Smartwatches would make ideal novelty gifts for men so if you do buy one just make sure it’s compatible with your man’s phone, as some are designed for Android and some for iPhones.

Other gadgets to give as novelty gifts for men could include:

Remote Control Stuff – No longer are we restricted to remote control cars. The cooler items now are Helicoptors, Aeroplanes and Quadcoptors. Quadcoptors fly in the air just like remote control helicoptors, but instead of having just the one motor to power the rotary blades they have four, making them easier to steer and fly.

Go Pro – I mention GO PRO as they are the most popular video camera but there are cheaper cameras around. Remember though, you get what you pay for and the Go Pro delivers. Ideal for sports enthusiasts, adrenalin junkies and anyone else that likes to capture action packed home movies.

Heres something that works together. Some Quadcoptors now have fittings to attach your Go Pro to it so you can record aerial movies of your stunts, family get togethers or the kids being silly. A Quadcoptor + Go Pro package would top the novelty gifts for men list anyday.

Unfortunately gadget novelty gifts for men tend to be more on the expensive side as they incorporate the latest technologies, so be prepared to stretch the budget. View Quadcoptors

Beer Gifts and Bar Game Gifts

So here is another true fact amount men, they love beer! So when looking for novelty gifts for men, anything related to beer will do. Ideally you should know what his favourite type of beer is so you can purchase a novelty gift related to it.

Once you know the beer brand you can look for items that contain the name. I’ll use Guinness as my example ( because that’s what I drink). With Guinness there are an abundance of products available. Here is a list of what you can buy, just tailor it for the tipple your looking at.

  1. Clothing – Socks, Boxer Shirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Rugby Shirts, Caps
  2. Cufflinks – These can have direct designs or pictures, for instance Guinness pint glasses or the Toucan bird.
  3. Slippers – Men normally always get a set for Christmas so why not buy beer ones.
  4. Food – Chocolate or BBQ sauces infused with beer. These make good stocking fillers.
  5. Games – Get a full sized beer pong table or a roulette shot wheel to liven up that party.

Novelty Gift Shop Beer Gifts

Experience Day Novelty Gifts for Men

Experience days are ideal novelty gifts for men who have always wanted to do something but never took the plunge. An experience day gift comes in the form of a voucher that you present to your man on that special occasion. He then redeems the voucher for his experience day at a time that suits him. Some of these days also have various locations around the country so you’re not always restricted by distance to venue.

Popular experience days are usually adrenaline packed such as;


  • Track Days – Driving high performance cars such as Porsche’s and Ferrari’s at high speed.
  • 4×4 Days – Take an off road vehicle like a Landrover cross country driving through muddy forests.
  • Tank Driving – Get to drive a real Military tank or armoured vehicle cross country.
  • Quad Biking – The ultimate getting wet and muddy experience.


  • Parachute Jump – With the tandem skydive the safest and most popular option.
  • Flying Lessons – Why not give a few helicopter or aeroplane lessons as a novelty gift for men.
  • Hot Air Balloon – Take a peaceful ride above the hills and houses. He may even invite you along to this one.
  • Indoor Skydive – A cheaper option is to skydive at indoor centres that use wind tunnels to simulate a skydive.

Water Sports

  • Powerboat Driving – Get the controls of a powerful speed boat.
  • Whitewater Rafting – Feel the rush of the rapids and get soaked during a thrilling river descent.
  • Jet Skiing – Zip around at high speed with you in total control of your destiny.
  • Fly Boarding – Strap a water jet pack to your back and soar high with the pressure of the water making you fly.

Random Days Out

  • Fire Walking – Get to walk on hot coals and broken glass.
  • Zombie Days – Increasingly popular are Zombie days if you want to get dressed up and spooked.
  • Sporting Experiences – Take a tour of your favourite football ground or sports venue.
  • Ghost Hunting Tour – Another scary choice to get your revenge on him.

Best of all and brand new is this 30 Adrenaline Gift Experiences voucher. It contains 30 of the best experiences for men and you don’t have to make the choice for them. Just buy them the voucher and they get to choose the one they prefer. This truly is an amazing offer and with 30 choices you simply cannot go wrong. It has to be one of the most perfect novelty gifts for men available. Check it out…

Random Novelty Gifts for Men

Like I mentioned earlier in the post, random and useless novelty gifts for men go down a treat too. Us men don’t get much on days like Christmas so a few inexpensive and funny gifts are appreciated. There are lots of stuff out there and most are under 10 bucks!

Funny Books – Something to read in the toilet is normally a hit. Titles include Trivia for the Toilet, The Loo Companion and You don’t know S++t: The ultimate toilet guide. These type of books feature interesting facts, trivia, puzzles and answer some of the questions on every man’s mind such as why does poo float? Toilet Humour Books

DIY and Tools – Us men also like to think we are the ultimate handy man around the house. We all need a Man Tin to keep screws, leads and other useless stuff in. We want pens that are shaped like tools. We want the BB Tradesales Man Mug which has a handle shaped like a saw, a pencil holder and spirit level built in. We want the hammer that doubles up as a beer bottle opener. We’ll take manly tool related stuff any day!

Grumpy Gifts for Men – It’s another common perception that men are grumpy and yes, sometimes we are. So if you know a particularly grumpy git and he has a sense of humour, surprise him with some grumpy gifts, including:

  • Grumpy Old Men’s Club or Grumpy Old Git’s T -Shirt
  • Grumpy Old Git’s Mints
  • Grumpy Mugs
  • Grumpy iPhone Covers
  • or this other cracking Grumpasaurus T-Shirt

Novelty Sporting Gifts for Men

Another route to finding novelty gifts for men is to buy a present related to his favourite  sport. Men love sport, whether it’s playing or watching it from the comfort of the sofa and there are gifts galore to match.

Golf – Forget about a new set of clubs and just jazz up the ones he has with some Novelty Golf Club Covers. There are some cool covers such as Superman, Scooby Doo, Football Teams, Pink Panther, Zombie and Pets.

Football – Get a personalised football shirt or go back in time and get a retro football shirt. Old designs that teams wore back in the 60’s for instance make ideal novelty gifts for men. The added bonus of this type of shirt is that he doesn’t need to change every year when sponsors or teams design new ones. Other football related gifts could include mugs, key rings, aprons, slippers, cufflinks, ties etc.

Rugby – Pretty much the same as the football gifts above but tailored to rugby.

There are plenty of other sports such as fishing, darts and snooker with their own quirky differences for novelty gifts.

Now you have some ideas head on over to the UK’s number one and most trusted online retailer Amazon for the cheapest prices on the internet and the fastest delivery. We highly recommended using them.

Wrapping up our Novelty Gifts for Men Ideas Guide

I hope you have found the guide useful and it helps in making your shopping decisions to impress your chosen male recipient. Whatever you go for will be greatly received for sure. Remember that unusual presents prove that you have put some thought and care into your purchase and the old saying, it’s the thought that counts has never been more appropriate. Head on over to our shop site to discover hundreds more ideas. The items in this post are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to novelty gifts for men.

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