Half Pint Beer Glass

Novelty Half Pint Glass

The novelty half pint glass has been designed for those ‘shandy’ drinkers that cannot keep up with the rounds. From the front the novelty half pint glass looks like any ordinary pint. But turn it round and you will see it has been sliced in half vertically. By doing this the glass will now only hold half a pint and the ‘shandy’ drinker should now be able to keep up with his mates.

Novelty Half Pint Glass Features

Novelty gift which is ideal for Birthdays and Christmas

Sliced down the middle to just hold half a pint!

Funny gift for men

Size – 10oz/280ml
Sliced vertically
Beer Glass Gift

The novelty half pint glass is ideal for your mates who are not heavy drinkers. Sneak it down to the pub and surprise them when you get the round in.

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