Pet Halloween Costumes - Pugs

Pet Halloween Costumes - PugsIt’s nearly time for Halloween so you need to plan early and get your Pet Halloween Costumes sorted before the shops run out. Pets are a part of the family too and there are a variety of Pet Halloween Costumes you could get to let your favourite pooch or kitty join in on the Halloween fun. Some may consider this cruel and some think it’s cute, but whatever your take is, check out these crackers the Novelty Gift Shop has found for you.

Pet Halloween Costumes for 2014

Dog Yoda Halloween Costume

Adorable your dog will look‘ in the Yoda Pet Costume, (you have to say that in the voice of Yoda). This costume includes a Yoda jumpsuit and contrasting jacket with fake arms that fits over your dog’s front paws. A headpiece with pointed green Yoda ears completes the look. Delight Star Wars fans of all ages with this officially licensed dog costume.

Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Get your Dog looking like a dinosaur with this Stegosaurus Pet Halloween Costume. The costume is foam padded and comes in 4 different sizes. It has a separate headpiece and the body part features spinal plates and a tail.

Raptor Dog Costume

Another dog on his way down to the Jurassic Dog Park. This time dressed as a Raptor. This Pet Halloween Costume is foam padded and available in 4 different sizes so make sure you get the right size.

All these costumes can be bought via the link. – Buy from sellers and get current prices

Hot Dog Pet Costume

Turn your dog into a hot dog with this hilarious Pet Halloween Costume. A couple of poppy seed buns on either side and a sliver of ketchup or mustard down it’s back. It fastens with adjustable velcro straps to make it super easy to take on and off.

Superman Pet Costume

This Superman Pet Costume can be used for a cat or a dog. Give them the feeling of having krypton powers for the night as they prowl your party. They will also look super cute and get plenty of attention from everyone.

Pugs Pet Halloween Costumes

Lastly for the pugs. Believe it or not their is a book called Pugs in Costumes. A collection of Pugs, photographed in ridiculous outfits. They have been given names and here is a quick top 10.

  1. Gandolph the Grey Pug
  2. Pugs of Middle Earth
  3. Bob Pugley (Marley)
  4. Pug ZillaPugs Pet Halloween Costumes
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Pug
  6. The Lion Pug
  7. Thriller Pugs
  8. President Pug
  9. Pink Pug
  10. Vivienne WestPug

You have to see the pictures to get a laugh at these pugs. Hit the link and then click on see all images underneath the featured image on the left hand side of the page. This will bring up the photos to view. SHOW ME THE PUGS

Even if you don’t own a pug, you will definitely get some good Pet Halloween Costume ideas. I apologies for mainly writing about dogs here but they are generally trained better than most other pets and more willing to get dressed up!

Pet Halloween Costumes

Dog Halloween Costumes UK

Update – 18 Oct 14. There is still time to get a UK Dog Halloween Costume for your pooch if you act quickly. Following the links above will get you a costume with quick delivery from one of the most trusted online retailers, Amazon. The most popular so far is the Yoda Dog Halloween Costume but if your dog is into Star Wars there are other JEDI dog costumes such as Darth Vader or an Imperial Walker. Check them out, even if you don’t have a doggie, they are so cute!

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