Portable Nail Dryer

The portable nail dryer is a handy gadget for women to help speed up drying your polished nails. It blows out cold air (not hot air), powerful enough to dry nails quicker. This version is in an elegant red design and sits nicely on any dressing room table. Other colours are available also.

Portable Nail Dryer

As it’s a portable nail dryer it can also be taken on holidays, business trips or girly weekends. All it needs is a few batteries and the portable nail dryer is good to go.

The portable nail dryer also makes a fun toy for young girls. When they play with their make up and nail sets they can paint each others nails and dry them with this gadget too. This makes the dryer a great stocking filler as well as a practical gift for women.

Portable Nail Dryer Features

Best for personal use, travel and kids dress ups.
Size 10 x 7 cms.
Requires 2 x AA Batteries.
Ideal Birthday or Christmas gift.
A simple but effective gadget that every women needs. The portable nail dryer is a must for getting ready quickly.

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