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3-Pack Happy Man Corkscrew, Bottle Stopper, & Bottle Opener

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Happy Man Bottle Stopper is a fun way to keep your wine fresh. The excited fella slips easily into an opened bottle of wine and most bottles of hard spirits. Designed for ease of use it simply pops on and off whenever you need to pour more out the wine bottle.

Happy Man Novelty Corkscrew is the only way to open those bottles of vino. With an easy-grip design around the man’s body, it makes opening bottles of wine a breeze. The best bit is watching the happy man novelty corkscrew twist round and round until he becomes fully lodged inside the cork.

Great for a party or a hilarious gift!
Durable rock hard plastic makes Sir Perky ready for the job!


This three-pack comes with a corkscrew, bottle opener, and bottle stopper for the wine/beer enthusiast triple threat.

Made from durable hard plastic and red in colour. The rubber rings on his manhood keep an airtight seal so the contents inside the bottle stay nice and fresh. The happy man bottle stopper can also be gripped easily when pulling him in and out. The design of his arms and legs spread out in a star which means your fingers can grip the body easily.

This is a great novelty gift idea for women. If your planning on giving a bottle of wine as a gift then why not package the happy man novelty corkscrew in with it for a laugh. This novelty gift idea can also be given for Birthdays, Christmas etc.

The happy man bottle stopper makes an unusual novelty gift and is great to give with a bottle of the recipient's favourite bottle of plonk. It will get many laughs as unsuspecting guests are surprised when he is pulled off. If any wine remains on the happy man bottle stopper then someone will also have to lick it off! We wouldn’t want it (the wine) to drip anywhere, would we?

This item is cool and funky but may be a little offensive to some people because of its oversized willy. If you're not buying this for yourself, think carefully about how the recipient will react. Most people will LOL but you never know!

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In addition to the happy man bottle stopper, there are a couple of other members to his family. Happy man corkscrew and the happy man bottle opener. Buy the whole set of 3 and keep the family together, this will surely please Mr happy man bottle stopper further (if that’s possible). In addition to being great gifts they are equally as good as display items in your kitchen.

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Great for a party or a hilarious gift!
Durable rock hard plastic makes Sir Perky ready for the job!
Please for your safety, only use Sir Perky for intended purposes only!
Novelty party set includes a bottle stopper, bottle opener, and corkscrew
Enjoy this happy man responsibly

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