Racing Grannies

These racing grannies use clever jointed limbs, a zimmer frame and a clockwork mechanism to help them move forward.

Ideal gift for grandparents or just to have in the office to do a spot of desk-top racing! Have fun at the dinner table after a meal or use to settle a bet! Fastest wins!

Racing Grannies

These entertaining Grandma’s shuffle across a table at a typically pedestrian pace, but faster by using the zimmer to adjust their stance. Each granny has a grimace on their face, droopy breasts and skinny legs. The zimmer frame also has a basket for storage.

Place some coins in the basket to make it heavier to penalize the granny that’s too fast in the racing games!

The Racing Grannies are great as a gift for the home or office.

Racing Grannies Features:

2x Racing Grannies
Wind-up mechanisms
Ideal for desk-top racing
Zimmer frame basket for storage
Supplied in attractive window gift box
Suitable for age 3 years and up
Size: H 7.5cm x D 6.0cm x W 4.0cm

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