Rough Day Wine Glass

The rough day wine glass is a humorous wine glass for women who tend to have a hard day at work every now and then. Why not come home and pour a large glass of vino in this novelty wine glass. Hand painted with the slogan; Easy Day? Rough Day? Don’t Even Ask! Bring a smile to your loved one’s face with this fun wine glass.

Rough Day Wine Glass

We have all had just one of those days where we need a glass of vino and a large one at that! The rough day wine glass would make a perfect gift for mums, sisters, friends, or anyone that is a busy and feels exhausted at the end of a day. When your loved one arrives home simply ask the question. How was your day? Whatever response you get from this questions directs you to fill the rough day wine glass to the appropriate level. So if it was an easy day, just top up to the bottle line. Of course that isn’t going to happen very often so have enough wine in to top it up to the Don’t Even Ask line.

Each rough day wine glass is hand made in our family run workshops. The paint has been heat set and is hard wearing but it is recommended to only hand wash to keep the glass in the best condition. It is well packaged in a cardboard postal tube with bubble wrap and tissue for safe delivery. The glass also comes with a ribbon and a pretty tag fastened to the stem.

Rough Day Wine Glass Features

  • Red novelty wine glass (Other colours are available too)
  • Easy Day, Rough Day, Don’t Even Ask Hand Painted
  • Ribbon and Tag on Wine Glass
  • 340ml Wine Glass (1/3 of a bottle)

This beautifully hand painted rough day wine glass truly is a spectacular novelty gift that every women would appreciate. If you would prefer a different colour click view more and view the related products to find your favourite.

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