Black Friday in UK 2014

Black Friday in UK 2014Black Friday in UK 2014 falls on 28 November with Cyber Monday on 01 December. Black Friday is the day to pick up massive savings and deals as stores aim to kick start their Christmas Shopping marketing plans. Black Friday in UK was a bit late coming to the discount party, behind our American friends but the shopping day frenzy is now gaining momentum year on year in UK and stores have realised this, with more stores each year having Black Friday Promotions. We will be looking for any Novelty Gifts that are normally expensive but have some great reductions on them and we will be passing on this information via our Facebook page during the week. So make sure you like our page to receive updates of these bargains in your news feed. You can find the Facebook link to the right.

Black Friday in UK – A week of Discounts

The main player for the best deals is Amazon. The online giant has the best deals you can find on goods across all categories, but you need to be quick. Not all items are released for sale at one minute past midnight as you may expect. Some companies use Black Friday “week” to trickle savings and deals over a week long period. You will start to pick up bargains leading up to Black Friday but the best deals are kept for Black Friday itself. During Black Friday in UK it’s a good idea to re-visit your computer several times to see what bargains have just been reduced and put on sale. Amazon knows everyone has been waiting for this day and looking for bargains so they now stretch the sales out over the weekend that follows too. If you happen to be one of those people who miss out on the best deals during Black Friday in UK, then you can come back to shop over the weekend and pick up any discounts that have been extended.

Black Friday in UK 2014
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Cyber Monday is just 3 days after Black Friday in UK

If it’s electronics deals you have been waiting out for, you have a second chance. Cyber Monday. This is the day to get further deals on electrical items that you may have missed out on during Black Friday in UK. From my experience over recent years watching these deals, Cyber Monday tends to be a bit of a let down. Perhaps the stores run out of inventory over the Black Friday weekend or have reached their sales targets and therefore do not need to offer the uber discounts offered the week before, who knows?

There are lots of other stores besides Amazon that will have bargains and some of you may prefer to go into the stores and browse, try stuff on etc rather than purchase online. This will surely reap some cheap deals but be prepared for your early start as many of these stores will open as early as 4:00 or 5:00 am. Oh, and be prepared for a little argument or fight over who saw a bargain first, as Black Friday has been known as a day for shoppers tempers to erupt! and several arrests to be made.

But for the big discounts and for the ease of finding them, online shopping is king! You can sit through the night in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home and click away. Remember this is the day that the Christmas shopping season ‘unofficially’ starts so if you can save a few hundred bucks when the finances are stretched this time of year, good luck.

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So please come back to the novelty gift and visit us and we will see what novelty gifts, deals and bargains we can find. Happing bargain hunting and I hope you get all the discounts your looking for this Black Friday in UK 2014.

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