Willy Grooming Kit Novelty Gift

Introducing the Willy Grooming Kit for Men with obsessive compulsive disorders of the genital area. The willy grooming kit will help to keep your manhood and his swinging two friends in tip-top shape. Ready for any lucky visits to the lady caves.

Willy Grooming Kit Novelty Gift

Nobody likes to pull down their pants and pop out a Jackson 5 style Afro. This is a certain turn off for the ladies. Our female friends expect clean-cut and trimmed hair that isn’t going to get in the way. These first impressions are crucial if you want to have a wild, wicked night between the sheets.

This is where the willy grooming kit comes in handy. Use the supplied equipment in the fabulous presentation box to cut, snip and style that Jackson 5 to something short and respectable. Use the mirror to view those hard to reach places. When you’re all done you can then decorate your manhood with the attractive bracelet. Hey Presto! all set for that big night out with one hell of a lucky lady. She is certainly in for a treat!

Willy Grooming Kit Contents

  • Styling Scissors
  • Fluffing Brush
  • Sprucing Mirror
  • Presentation Case
  • Bracelet

The willy grooming kit would make a fun novelty gift for valentine’s day but could be given at any other occasion or used as a stocking filler. It is so unusual that most men will have a right laugh and probably take it to work and the pub to show off to his mates. You cannot get these down your local supermarket so treat someone up for a laugh and buy them this Willy Grooming Kit.

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