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20+ Unique Gifts for New Parents (That Don't Suck)

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

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Becoming a new parent is a journey filled with uncharted territories and boundless joy. As friends and loved ones, it’s a beautiful gesture to celebrate this monumental transition with gifts that are not just thoughtful, but also ease the shift into this new chapter of life. However, despite your best intentions, you may not realize that your thoughtful gift is actually, well, not very original.

Onesies, baby blankets, and diaper bags are common go-to gifts, yet stepping outside the conventional "gift box" can provide new parents with a surge of energy they're surely lacking. This blog post is dedicated to unearthing unique gifts that offer a blend of practicality, whimsy, and a nod to the new identity that parenthood brings along.

Without further ado, here are 20+ gifts that you should consider giving the new parents in your life that don't stink like a pile of diapers.

The Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera could be a cherished gift for new parents as it allows them to capture spontaneous moments with their newborn in a tangible form instantly. Unlike digital photos, the physical prints produced by the SQ1 create a sense of nostalgia and offer an immediate keepsake that can be shared with loved ones or placed in a family album. Additionally, the user-friendly nature of the SQ1, with its simple operation and automatic exposure, makes it easy for new parents to use even amidst the busy and sometimes chaotic early days of parenthood.

"The Silver Spoon: Recipes for Babies" is a thoughtful gift for new parents who are keen on introducing their little ones to a variety of nutritious and tasty meals. This book provides a range of recipes tailored for babies at different stages of development, making it a useful guide as the child grows. Moreover, it's a great way for parents to explore new meal ideas and ensure a balanced diet for their baby, making mealtime an enjoyable and bonding experience for the family.

The "Homesick New Baby Scented Candle" can be a delightful gift for new parents, offering a soothing and pleasant aroma that encapsulates the joy and love surrounding the arrival of their newborn. The gentle scent can help in creating a calm and serene atmosphere in the home, which can be particularly comforting during the sometimes stressful early days of parenthood. Additionally, it can serve as a beautiful keepsake, reminding parents of the precious moments shared with their baby each time they light the candle.

This unique gift adds a touch of whimsy and color to their living space, which can be uplifting during the demanding early days of parenthood. It serves as a cheerful receptacle for fresh flowers, which can brighten up the home and provide a sense of freshness and nature indoors.

These Cable Knit Throw Blankets are a wonderful gift for new parents, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. They provide cozy warmth during late-night feedings or early-morning cuddles with the baby, making those moments even more comfortable and enjoyable. The classic cable knit design adds a touch of elegance and homeliness to the nursery or any other room, complementing the decor while providing a snug spot for parents and baby to bond.

The Ember Temperature Controlled Smart Mug is an innovative and practical gift for new parents who may find themselves juggling numerous tasks and often dealing with cold coffee or tea. This smart mug allows them to set and maintain their beverage at the desired temperature for extended periods, ensuring that even amidst the chaos of caring for a new baby, they can enjoy a hot drink. Moreover, the convenience and modern technology of a smart mug can provide a small but significant sense of control and luxury, making their daily routine a bit more comfortable and enjoyable.

The "Baby University Complete Book Set" is an exceptional gift for new parents who are enthusiastic about kickstarting their child's learning journey from a young age. This set of colorful and engaging books simplifies complex scientific concepts into bite-sized, baby-friendly chunks, making learning a fun and interactive experience for both the parents and the baby. It not only fosters a curiosity and love for learning in the child but also provides a meaningful way for parents to bond with their baby while exploring the wonders of science together.

A Photo Album for Instant Cameras (like the instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera above) is a heartfelt gift for new parents, especially in this digital age where photos often remain trapped on devices. This album provides a tangible place for parents to store and display the precious Polaroid snapshots of their baby's milestones and family moments. The instant nature of Polaroid photos combined with a dedicated album encourages parents to create a physical archive of memories that can be easily revisited and shared with loved ones. Moreover, flipping through the pages of a photo album can be a more personal and nostalgic experience compared to scrolling through digital images, making this gift a cherished keepsake for years to come.

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