I’ve just been browsing the biggest Black Friday gift retailer on the web and guess what? They have already started their Black Friday deals week. Click on the image links to see for yourself! I wrote in this post about how online stores, including Amazon usually begin Black Friday a little earlier than people expect. Officially Black Friday this year is 28th Nov 14 but I predicted that the deals would start coming out on Monday 24th Nov and filter throughout the week with the best saved for Friday itself. So even I was surprised to see they have Black Friday deals in full flow already, (Fri 21 Nov). The website even says it starts Mon 24th Nov, but believe me there are deals counting down now.

If your not quick and snap up the deals as they come along you are gonna miss out. Amazon do not have an unlimited amount of stock to offer these knock down prices all week. It literally is a case of first come first served, and when there gone, there gone.

Some products will also have a time limit on them and once the timer runs down on that deal it will go back to normal retail price. My advice is this, if it’s got a massive reduction on it buy it there and then, because if you come back later, sometimes even within an hour, it will be sold out.

Current Black Friday Deals on Amazon

There is far too many to mention individually, but here is a glimpse of some stuff I checked out!

  • Playstation 4 games at 47% off.
  • Vax Hoovers at 61% off.
  • Aftershave at 60% off.
  • Toys at 40-60% off.
  • Watches at 66% off.
  • Cameras with 29% off.


How to find Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Another good thing about Amazons website is the dedicated areas to giving you all the Black Friday information, deals and discounts you need. They have the latest products on sale with handy ‘percentage claimed’ bars underneath to let you know how well the item is selling.

Countdown timers also appear under the item to let you know when that deal expires.

In addition to this they also have sections for upcoming deals. This is particularly good if your waiting for a specific item. When you find the item you want the website will inform you when that Black Friday deals on Amazon is about to start. Simply return to your computer at that time to snaffle the bargain.

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping or still need to buy that top end Christmas present then Black Friday Deals on Amazon week is the time to start buying.