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Having a full size beer pong table at your party or corporate event is sure to please your guests. This is an official size beer pong table with folding legs for easy storage or transport.

With this beer pong table your party guests can let their hair down and challenge each other to a game. The rules are pretty simple, bounce a ping pong ball off the beer pong table and try to land it in one of your opponents cups. If you succeed they have to drink the beer from the cup. Obviously the better you are at it will mean your opponent gets drunk quicker and you stay sober!!

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The folding design is great for storage. It also has built in carrying handles so that you can take it with you to your friends houses or into office parties. The beer pong table will also fit into most car boots making carriage a doddle.

Beer Pong Table Key Features

This is an official regulation size beer pong table, 8 foot long by 2 foot wide.
Built using lightweight aluminium.
Has an easy clean surface to wipe up those beer spillages.
Black and white playing surface with markings detailed.
Can be adjusted to two height positions.

Beer Pong Table Sizes

Aluminium Legs – 22mm and 25mm
L: 240cm x W: 60cm x H: 54/70cm
When folded: L: 62.5cm x W: 61cm x H: 13.8cm

This is an excellent addition to your party games collection. Why mess around pushing tables together, searching the internet for dimensions to mark the playing area and ruining your good furniture when you can just buy this and be good to go every time. Believe me, your guests will be astonished when they see it! Now one last thing to note, the beer pong table does not come with the cups and ping pong balls. You have to buy these separately so here is a link to a Beer Pong Kit we like.

The beer pong table makes a cool novelty bar games idea.


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