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The Beer Pong Kit has finally arrived from our American friends to the UK shores. A bar classic where seasoned drinkers and party goers battle it out over a beer or several to become Beer Pong Champion of the party. The Beer Pong Kit is a fun bar game and comes with seven red cups and seven blue cups (similar kits may be come in different colours, it doesn’t really matter), two ping pong balls and even custom made player mats. Everything you need to get the beer pong going, except the beer!


The instructions for the beer pong game are printed on the side of the box, but don’t worry! It really is a simple game to grasp. There are a few variations of the game out there so I will briefly explain ‘my rules’ and a few points of beer pong etiquettes.

Beer Pong Rules

First you will need a table large enough to play on. There are official size tables you can buy or just get the measurements from the internet. Lay out 6 cups from your beer pong kit in a triangle shape at each end of the table. Half fill those cups with beer. Decide who is going to go first. Either flip for it, heads or tails or have a fun game of rock, paper, scissors to decide. The person who wins will attempt to get the ping pong balls into the opponents cups. I prefer to have the rule where you need to bounce the ball off the table once as this is a little harder. This is sometimes frowned upon at parties so the other method is to simply ‘lob’ it in. Each player has two turns ( because you only have 2 balls ) per round. If the ball lands in your cup, you drink the contents. If playing 1 on 1 then at the end of each round players drink the beer. If playing as a team then the beer should be drunk by a team member as soon as the ball lands inside. After each round, remove the empty cups and continue until a player runs out of cups. The winner is then declared.

If your serious about this game then you should consider buying the official size beer pong table to go with your Beer Pong Kit!


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