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The Jedi Dressing Gown is made from super soft fleece material and extremely cozy to wear. It has the Jedi logo emblazoned on the front, two pockets and a cotton belt. The Jedi dressing gown comes in one size fits all, which is large. Designed to be big and baggy it will fit tall men also. Reviews on Amazon have men up to 6ft 5in wearing with no problems at all.

Jedi Dressing Gown Features

Approximately 144cm nape to floor and 68cm chest.
Sleeve length approximately 62cm.
Super soft fleece is made with 100% polyester
Machine washable
Hooded with two front pockets and matching belt tie/sash

This is an officially licensed Star Wars product and ideal for any geeky Star Wars fan. It comes with a hood to get the full Jedi Knight effect. The gown is also baggy around the arms.

If your buying this is a novelty gift be aware. The Jedi dressing gown can turn normal men into raging Star Wars nerds in minutes. Expect weird behaviour, swinging of invisible light sabres and talking like Yoda to occur!

The Star Wars Jedi Dressing Gown makes an ideal gift for winter to wrap up and keep warm too!


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