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Ring for Beer Bell

Ring for Beer Bell is a novelty gift for men, designed as a joke gift so they can give their wife/girlfriend a little tinkle when they need another beer fetching from the fridge. Why get up and do it yourself when you can use the ring for beer bell!

This could also be used to get the bar staff’s attention in a crowded pub but I wouldn’t recommend it!!! Now, if you have your own home bar then it’s a bit different. The ring for beer bell will be taken tongue in cheek as your thirsty guests try to grab your attention for further refreshments. This ring for beer bell has a distinguishable ring to it so it won’t be mistaken for any other bell sounds around.

Ring for Beer Bell Warning!

The ring for beer bell is a jokey novelty gift. It should be noted that not all women will see it that way and it could cause major friction if used to excess. So see how much beer you can get brought before you actually break the person doing the fetching and carrying. This could be a fun little game to play with your other half.

To lighten the mood you could also purchase a Ring for Wine Bell for her. Taking it in turns will then ease the tensions and happy families will be restored.

A lighthearted gift, the ring for beer bell is a men’s novelty gift idea for any occasion.


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