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Snow Cone Machine from JM Posner. The Snow Cone Machine will allow you to make perfect snow cones and slushies in your home within a minute! With traditional slush machines it takes up to 15 minutes to make a litre of slush, this unit will shave and grind the ice for you within a minute. All you need to do is put 8-12 ice cubes into the chute, turn on the Snow Cone machine and push down on the handle and within a minute you will have created the snow in the snow bin, if you need more simply follow the procedure again. You can get creative as well, the instruction manual contains a number of different and exciting recipes. You can also add alcohol to your snowcone / slushies for those grown up parties!

Snow Cone Machine Features

Snow cone making machine
Fun, classic retro style
Makes four cones in less than a minute
Perfect for making your favourite snow cones, slushies or cocktails
Durable stainless steel cutting blades shave ice in seconds


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