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Jack Daniel’s Novelty Gifts & Gift Ideas

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

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If you know a ‘Jack’ drinker, or you’re a budding ‘Jack’ enthusiast yourself, then here are some Jack Daniel’s Novelty Gifts to get your mouth watering.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has to be one of the most popular tipples out there and because it’s so popular there are absolutely hundreds of items branded with their logo. It’s hard to pick out the best and most unusual but here are my favorite Jack Daniel’s Novelty Gifts I have come across.

Luxury Jack Daniel’s Novelty Gifts

The Jack Daniel’s Flask Gift Set (shown above) would make a stunning present. It features a leather cover flask, an all-stainless steel case, stainless steel shot glasses, and a convenient flask funnel. The front of the case is decorated with a simplified version of the classic black Jack Daniel’s label logo. Packaged in 2 luxurious gift presentation boxes. This item would make the perfect Christmas present for a JD drinker.

Another option is to present a bottle of JD in a gorgeous decanter. It’s an officially licensed product from Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and offers a capacity of .75L and stands at 7-3/4 inches tall. The gift has an official Jack Daniel’s logo printed on the front as well. This type of Jack Daniel’s Gift isn’t just for Birthdays or Christmas. This would make an ideal presentation piece for retirements, weddings, and promotions. Or, if you want a full set of shot glasses, we recommend the licensed Jack Daniel’s shot glass set. Oh, and don’t forget the Jack Daniel’s chaser jigger as well!

Personalized Jack Daniel’s Novelty Gifts

Another way to present Jack Daniels Novelty Gifts is to have the item personalized with the recipient’s name on it and a special message engraved into the product. Glass etchings on shot glasses, whisky tumblers, or whiskey glasses (shown below) are obvious choices and they can be ordered in an attractive gift box with a small bottle of JD to accompany it.

Hip flasks are another good choice and again can be packaged in a gift box. The message can be engraved anywhere on the hip flask. One tip if you are giving a hip flask as a gift – always make sure it is filled with your favorite tipple before wrapping and handing over. It’s bad etiquette to give an empty hip flask! Besides, if it’s full, you will be offered a drink for your outstanding gift choice! Be careful when ordering these items and read the step-by-step instructions carefully to ensure your spelling and message are correct.

Jack Daniels Food Gifts

To complement one of the finest whiskeys on the planet there are a growing number of food items infused with JD to get the taste buds roaring. The simplest and easy way to experience these is to buy a ready-made Jack Daniels Gift Hamper with items diligently selected as good accompaniments. The other option if you want to personalize it, is to make up a selection box type gift or simply use them individually as stocking fillers. Here is a list of some of the Jack Daniels Novelty Gifts Food items available:

If you want something truly special I would seriously recommend buying the Praline Pecans. With these you normally get some fine cheeses, savory snacks, and the essential ingredient, a bottle of Jack included! With all the hard work done for you and presented in a wicker hamper with decorations, it’s quite simply a case of wrap and give.

Special Edition Gift Bottles of Jack Daniel’s

If you're unsure what to buy, play it safe and get a special edition bottle of Jack Daniel’s. These range from a whopping $700 + price tag for the rare bottles to a more modest £30/$40 for the more common bottles. Which one you decide to go for depends on your budget and if budget isn’t a problem then you only need to decide if spending a few hundred on a single bottle of Jack Daniel’s will be appreciated and savored rather than downed! So what are the options? As shown in the image some of the special edition bottles that would make ideal Jack Daniel’s Novelty Gifts are: (left to right)

  1. Limited Edition Bicentennial (USA Edition) – Celebrating 200 years.

  2. Monogram – Very rare in UK and hard to find.

  3. Jack Daniel’s 1954 Gold Medal 43% – Honoring the 1954 Belgium Star of Excellence award to JD Tennessee whisky.

  4. Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Series – Limited Edition Bottle.

  5. 160th Birthday – A special edition black bottle of the old No7.

  6. White Rabbit – Celebrating 120 years of Jack Daniel’s drinking establishment, the White Rabbit Saloon.

Other Unique Jack Daniel’s Novelty Gifts Ideas

As I mentioned earlier in the post, there are hundreds of Jack Daniels Gifts available and this list only goes a short way to mention them all. Here is a further selection:

I hope you have found some ideas for Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Novelty Gifts and come back and read some of the other blog posts when looking for unique gifts.

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