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Elf On the Shelf: Top 50 Name Ideas

elf on the shelf

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Picking Elf on the Shelf names is one of the hardest jobs to do once they arrive at your home. Normally this needs to be a family decision, especially if there is more than one child in the house. We have put together a selection of our top 50 names that we think would suit an Elf on the Shelf just dandy. Some names are Christmas traditional names, such as Holly, Tinsel, and Mistletoe whilst others have been selected from Movies. With Frozen now one of the most popular children’s movies, why not choose a Frozen Elf on the Shelf Name such as Elsa or Anna? If you have a boy scout Elf you could call it Hans or Olaf. Choosing Elf on the Shelf Names after their favorite movie and TV characters will make the story even more special.

Getting your Elf on the Shelf Names Right First Time.

Now remember, once you have bought an Elf on the Shelf the story begins. This little fellow is going to be coming back to your house every single year for many years to come. It may even get passed down to further generations as the grandkids come along. Elf on the Shelf Names that are in fashion now may not sound so cool in 5, 10, or even 15 years’ time. So by all means be silly, let the creative juices flow and name that Elf forever and a day!

Our Top 50 Elf on the Shelf Names.

  1. Snowy – This is what ours is called.

  2. Tinkerbell

  3. Hans

  4. Elsa

  5. Anna

  6. Olaf

  7. Buddy – Currently tops the name charts.

  8. Elfie

  9. Selfie

  10. Jingly

  11. Scout

  12. Twinkle

  13. Jolly

  14. Holly

  15. Charlie

  16. Mary

  17. Spy Kid

  18. Dave

  19. Mistletoe

  20. Max

  21. Noel

  22. Star

  23. Santas little helper

  24. Tinsel

  25. Bauble

  26. Rocket

  27. Angel

  28. Candy

  29. Glitter

  30. Hope

  31. Ginger

  32. Berry

  33. Cookie

  34. Jet

  35. Homer

  36. Barbie

  37. Ken

  38. Fairy

  39. Brains

  40. Smurf

  41. Smurfette

  42. Ruby

  43. Princess Elfie

  44. Merry Mary

  45. Lollipop

  46. Cupcake

  47. Ice Man

  48. Flash

  49. Snowflake

  50. Stealth

Registering your Elf on the Shelf Names

Once you have decided on the name for your girl or boy Elf they can be registered at the Elf Registry. Once done an official adoption certificate and a letter from Santa will be sent to confirm your own little Elf on the Shelf has been added to the official scout elf registry.

Have a Merry Christmas and have fun choosing your Elf on the Shelf Names.

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